We provide document shredding and media destruction services for both residental and business. We offer both on-demand and scheduled paper and document shredding. We can help you with year-end office document purges and year-end clean ups. Our proven, uncompromising document shredding standards make sure your documents get destroyed in compliance with the legislation that applies to your industry, your specific company policy, and your municipal, regional and federal compliance requirements. Our high-capacity shredders take minutes for the work that would take you hours.

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What is your shredding process?

Your materials are shredded beyond practicable reconstruction. The materials are then sent for recycling or, when appropriate, incineration.

Do you offer pick-up?

Yes, we can come to your residence or business to pick-up the paper that you needed shredded. Our service is especially convenient when families and offices are under the time pressure of a move.

We make document shredding safe and affordable for area businesses and residents. Call us!